Jorge Caceres


Jorge Caceres is an artist based in Washington, D.C., originally raised in Lima, Peru. Growing up in such a visually profuse environment and influenced by his Spanish and Italian origins, Jorge’s multi-cultural background gives him the unique ability to convey his creativity through painting. As a self-taught artist, he combines abstract pieces of diverse colors and shapes, a vehicle he uses to express a myriad of feelings and emotions. He studied architecture at Ricardo Palma, one of Lima’s most renowned universities, but found himself being drawn to the state of freedom painting offered him. Jorge moved to the United States in the early 2000s, and it was then when he decided art was a vital element of who he was, and decided to pursue it through artistic career opportunities. Since then, Jorge has been exposed to the art world by engaging with art enthusiasts and visiting several museums and galleries in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., among other cities. He started working at an art gallery, where he learned about the art market. Later on, he became a design consultant for a reputable European company of interior design with a studio in D.C. There, he gained valuable experience working with high-end clientele, helping them finding the right design solutions for their homes. His love for architecture, interior design, travel and especially, art, allowed him to distinguish among his clients as a trustworthy adviser when finding the perfect piece of artwork. His exchanges as an interior designer led him to start creating paintings for a number of costumers in the area and in other cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Paris. “One day I got an email from a client in New York City requesting me for a commission painting for his new home in a high rise condo. We exchange emails and I asked him for pictures of his place. I also asked him what was he looking to obtain with this commission painting. After exchanging not much information –he was a busy person, I started creating the painting. Having experience working with so many people in the past, I already knew what the client needed, he recalls. “The inspiration for the painting was the Art Deco era, teal tones and New York City, of course, the most exciting city in the world! After a couple of weeks, I found myself driving all the way to Manhattan to deliver the painting to my client. When I got to his place, I surprised him with the painting. He looked at it and simply fell in love with the piece. Interestingly, it was also the first time I met him in person. This particular experience made me think of the great things I could achieve with my art. It was a very personal moment. It was priceless”. Jorge is currently working on a new series of works for future shows along with commission works. He is being inspired by organic shapes, geometric patterns earth tones and life surrounding him, in general. He believes art is the best expression of humankind. It tells the history of our lives, it transmits different emotions, and feeds or senses.

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