Bryan Jernigan


In my pastel and acrylic paintings, I want there to be an interplay between what is visible on the surface and the layers underneath. They are created from inward and outward experiences of nature. Based on both observation and memory, my paintings connect the reality of what is seen to the realm of what is felt. Color is the root of all my paintings. Invented color schemes, interlocking organic forms, and decisive brushwork characterize my work. It comes from a place deep inside. I hope it will touch a place deep inside the viewer. It’s the expression of feelings, mysteries and things unspoken. When I’m not creating work, I like to foster creation in others by doing demonstrations, teaching workshops and classes. If your group is looking for a demonstrator, feel free to contact me at I do two different demonstrations – one on creating looser, more impressionistic landscapes, and the other in a form of abstraction called “expressive drawing and painting.” Each demonstration runs about one hour. I am happy to come to your group to run workshops as well. I offer a number of them, but generally focus on these:

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