Slippery Band

From their origins as a nightclub band in the 90’s, Slippery Band honed their stagecraft in many smoke filled clubs from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore and everywhere in between. Spending over a decade as one of the most popular club bands the area has ever known gave Slippery Band a large following and the license to expand their repertoire beyond that of the typical “bar band”. As time passed, the band decided to look to a different future and made the decision to leave the club scene behind and put all of their efforts towards the private party market. Those efforts have brought them to today.
Slippery Band has found an exciting niche in the Philadelphia area and can be found performing nearly every week throughout the year. Recent destination corporate appearances (Bermuda, Maui, Palm Springs, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, etc.) have given the band another means to increase their exposure and establish their reputation well beyond Philly. Whether locally or on the road, no one knows what will be next, but Slippery Band will be ready when it happens.

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