Garry Lincoln

Garry Lincoln was born in Columbia, MO and was raised in Blue Springs, MO. He started singing different genres at a young age and loved watching all of the music award shows as a kid. It wasn’t until the age of 15 with the influence of Randy Travis that he got the urge to delve into country music. By the age of 18, he started writing his own songs. He knew how he wanted them to sound, but he didn’t know how to play the guitar so he acquired the help of friends but it still didn’t sound the way he had envisioned. A few years later, Garry picked up a guitar and taught himself to play by.
Garry received an offer from a major producer in Nashville to come out and work on a record deal. In 1995, as a single father trying to support his son, he moved to Nashville where he came close to getting a record deal several times. When asked what it is about Nashville that made him want to be there his reply is simple, “It was always my dream to be there, to be in the same place with all the big stars and to try and reach what many of my friends called the impossible dream.” While in Nashville, he sang demos, continued to write songs, and opened for many artists. He stayed in Nashville for about 4 years before returning to the Kansas City area in order to care for his growing family. Garry is the proud father of 4 children, of whom his oldest and youngest have developed his same passion for music. During the next few years he continued to travel back and forth to Nashville as he worked on demos and opened for various artists.
One of Garry’s favorite quotes is by the well-known self-help writer and professional speaker, Anthony Robbins, “Don’t try to be perfect, just be an excellent example of being human.” Garry has a soft spot in his heart for kids and enjoys his work with two charities. For the last 15 years, Garry has been involved with the Toys for Tots program as well as the Children’s Miracle Network.

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