Anne Karin

Anne Karin was born into an environment where originality and creativity were prized and rewarded. Her father, Henry P. Glass, is an icon of Mid-century Modern Design with 53 design patents. Museums and galleries worldwide collect his work. Her mother, Eleanor, was a master dressmaker, member of the Dressmakers’ Guild in Vienna, Austria. In 1939 Elly traveled from Vienna to Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin and convinced the SS to release her husband, Henry, from Dachau. They immigrated to the United States.
AnneKarin was born in Chicago, where her father headed the Industrial Design Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from the 1940s through the 1960s. As a child, she spent summers taking art classes there. Both her parents encouraged her interest in fine art and design. She and her father enjoyed plein aire sketching together. She continued her artistic studies during high school and undergraduate school. In the Peace Corps in Brazil, she established a leather goods factory to give part time shoe makers steady jobs. She designed and marketed shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, and household items in leather.
She also produced a body of woodcut prints and photographs and designed Peace Corp conference programs. After finishing her Master’s degree in Linguistics at Illinois Institute of Technology, AnneKarin taught English Composition and English as a Second Language at Loop City College in Chicago. Her Peace Corps experience and subsequent academic work informed her appreciation for the influence language and culture have in the development of individual world view and thought process. This interest was the foundation for a later degree in Educational Therapy. Tiring of Chicago weather, AnneKarin moved to San Francisco.
Initially, she designed and produced architectural graphics. Later she became a print broker, specializing in three dimensional point-of-sale materials and in-store displays. This work consisted of contracting and coordinating projects involving the input of graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, lithographers, printers, die cutters, binderies and almost every service related to the graphic arts. She produced sales materials for Levi Strauss, Chevron, Christian Brothers Winery, FCB Direct Advertising, and many other major companies in the Bay Area. After many years in the graphics industry AnneKarin returned to graduate school for a graduate certificate in Educational Therapy.
She built a private practice, teaching perceptual and cognitive skills to children and adults with learning disabilities. It was a rewarding way to study brain development through the presentation of specific visual motor problems for clients to solve. Though engaged in graphics and education, AnneKarin never stopped making art. She became especially interested in the human figure as a foundation for representational and abstract art. After her father’s death in 2003 she dedicated herself full time to the art profession. Award winning artist, AnneKarin has shown in juried exhibitions across the United States and soloed internationally. Her work is included in private and corporate collections.

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