Tammy Brummell

Tammy Brummell

Tammy Brummell is an established Oklahoma based artist and designer, working with fine art and graphic design. Her artwork consists of primarily paintings and collages created in mixed media and digital formats. Many of her pieces are portraits of females, some dark and lurid, others based on pop culture. She also has a body of abstract creations, some with deeply saturated colors, others dark and suggestive. In her abstracts, one will find the use of the human figure and face, geometric shapes layered to create new lines and intense color. Tammy’s collages focus on the surreal, using photo manipulation and collage techniques she creates narratives that are intertwined. The layered images begin to react with one another, building the story piece by piece. She has built a vast library of images to use in her process. Giclees are printed and applied with various mixed media, gathered from magazines, books, newspapers and the media.
Her influences include Fillipe Jesus Consalvos, who was a Cuban-American cigar roller and artist, known for his posthumously-discovered body of art work based on the vernacular tradition of cigar band collage. Also early Twentieth Century photo montage artist Hannah Hoch and Romere Bearden, an American artist and writer who depicted African-American life. Modernist Graphic Design and photography have also played a role in her work. Other influences include Gustav Klimt, Matisse, Cobelle, Man Ray and many more. She provides the artwork for feature articles in the Choral Journal, a publication for choral directors and is also the Art Director for Arcadia Magazine, a literary publication that also features visual artists. If one is in need of print based graphic design or images needed for the web, Tammy will provide them with creative and innovative designs. She is available for commission work at most times.

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