Sharon J. Montgomery

Sharon J. Montgomery was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, grew up in Texas and married a U.S. Army Lieutenant in 1962. He left for Korea and when he returned they had their first tour of duty together in Germany in 1966 and then he was deployed to Vietnam in 1969. After her third child was born in 1971 she returned to school at El Paso Art Academy in 1975. Then after a second tour in Germany 1976-79 she returned to El Paso, Texas where she enrolled at the University of Texas and El Paso Community College to study art. Then they moved to Indiana their first year out of the military. She studied art at El Paso Art Academy in 1975, then after living three years in Germany her family returned to El Paso, Texas where she enrolled at the University of Texas and El Paso Community College to study art in 1980, and then moved to Indiana their first year out of the military. She studied at Indiana State University 1980-1983.
After her first divorce from a twenty-eight year marriage she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990, and studied Cranial Sacral Therapy. Leaving Santa Fe after ten years and a second divorce from a six year marriage to a man from India, she then moved to Arizona to study sculpture at Arizona State University in 2000 for two semesters. In 2001 she moved to Baja, Mexico to study Ceramics at the University of Ensenada from 2001 to 2006. After her seventh move leaving Baja and keeping a journal for 20 years she returned to Oklahoma City. There she began her Creative Writing studies for four years at the University of Oklahoma, Central State University, Oklahoma City University, Rose State College, from 2010-2012 along with Screenwriting and film at Oklahoma Community College 2013-2014, and Oklahoma City University screenwriting 2015.
I have been a professional artist for more than thirty years. The early years of my career, I lived in Germany, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Baja, Mexico, my work focused primarily on painting, printmaking, and drawing. In the 90’s my visual art expanded into poetry. I began a new life in Santa Fe and kept a journal. During that time I also trained in cranial sacral therapy. My work as an artist and therapist merged when I transitioned into mixed media art while incorporating some of the wisdom I garnered from my own therapy. I left Santa Fe in 2000 and moved to Phoenix to resume my studies in sculpture at Arizona State University. This creative expansion included my first sculptures in clay. After two semesters I moved to Long Beach, California and then moved south of the border to study at the University of Ensenada.
While working in my studio in Mexico, the first white porcelain head entitled “Conversations,” was produced along with a new body of work that I’m currently expanding. “Conversations” is covered with over 500 small heads and was inspired by my own mind that gets lost inside the conversations of its own thoughts. My work as a cranial sacral therapist merged with my sculpture. Cranial sacral therapy works with the body’s cerebrospinal fluid and is called “The Fuel of The Soul,” it’s used as a means to help the client harmonize with the body’s natural rhythms. Living in Baja, Mexico a second body of work entitled “The Lollypop Man,” was created and inspired by my collaborations with, Latino artist. This stick figure male character with a bald head and one ear is magical. Traveling through his spiritual journey he begins to find the natural harmony and balance that each of us seeks as an artist.
This body of work is dedicated to my inner child who travels this world with innocence and honesty. His primary focus is seeking truth. Through his purity of intention, he becomes an example as his soul searching experiences create a narrative that instructs and guides me as well. A mythical being, he represents my male side as he performs tricks that delight and entertain us. Like a chameleon he can change colors. Capable of teletransporting by wiggling his ear and visualizing a new location, he can travel any distance in a matter of moments. His appeal crosses all age lines and offers enchantment and playful glee to the child inside each of us. A student of meditating for 28 years has opened three careers for me. In 2006, I returned to Oklahoma and continued to add a new medium of powder coated steel mobiles to my sculpture portfolio. I began my writing studies at five different universities, recording the life from my journal writing.
I use these adventure stories with my cranial clients encouraging them to tell their own story. I have chosen to self-publish my first book of a memoir/trilogy entitled: Escort of Kings Volume 1, Woman, Artist, Mystic. The words in this book are meant to bring understandings to women who feel worthy of laughter and Joy; to women who never played or asked for intimacy, to women who have longings to feel and be told they are beautiful and to women who seek to know their value lifetime after lifetime.

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