Sara Kay Michael

Sara Kay MichaelMy name is Sara Kay Michael, and I am a self taught abstract artist. My love for art spans as far back as I can remember. My painting journey began with angel paintings. I made one for my mom, who several years later ended up giving the painting to a dear family friend who lost her daughter unexpectedly. Seeing how art can so positively impact others has continued to inspire me. I work mostly with acrylic and oil mediums, but am finding a new love for water colors, pastels,Sara Kay Michael and inks. While nearly all of my paintings have common elements, I love continuing to explore different looks, textures, and paint combinations, and have created a variety of series and unique pieces that I am so excited to share with you! I am also a mom to my two beautiful boys, Canon and Crew, who inspire me daily to find joy in all things. Creating art for others has brought so much joy and warmth to my life. My prayer and my passion is that it would do the same for you.

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