Rose Clark

Rose Clark“Regardless of whether I’m working with traditional, contemporary or a balance between the two, I strive for interesting details that bring joy to my clients when they walk into their new rooms,” she says. In other words: the “Wow” factor. The biggest question people ask is how to mix the transitional look into their home without the stress and expense of a complete makeover. “The answer is simple,” Rose says. “Edit, edit, your home.” Editing, in interior design terms,Rose Clark means getting rid of stuff, or as Rose calls it, Tchotchke’s: a term with Jewish origins and defined as a small bauble or miscellaneous item. “De-clutter. Strive for a lighter look,” Rose suggests. “Change your lamps. Add lighter bedding. Remove heavy, dark drapes. Minimalistic is IN. Subtlety makes all the difference in your home today.” Upon following that advice, a client told Rose she felt as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and found her home to feel less suffocating.

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