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Rory MorganRory Morgan has been painting for the past 30 years since receiving an art degree from Casper College in Casper, Wyoming, where he was raised as a child. Much of Rory’s experience comes from being observant of what nature has taught him. His art reflects his interest in the outdoors and his love for wildlife, which have led to his receiving numerous awards ranging from Best of Show to Artists’ Choice Awards. Rory’s paintings begin with an idea, develop into small sketches and are refined until he is satisfied with the light, the proportions and the composition.
Initially, a small painting is completed to lock in the selection of colors for future use on the larger painting. Each painting is refined on either masonite or canvas and receives several layers of gesso with each layer being sanded by hand. The painting then begins with a transparent layer of acrylic paint. After this layer dries, thicker layers of paint are applied until the desired effect is reached. Each painting is completed upon a final application of varnish, and the proper frame is selected.
Although born in Lebanon, Oregon, Rory’s family moved to Wyoming when he was just two years old. Growing up in this spacious, beautiful state where wildlife out numberRory Morgan people, Rory developed a deep love for nature and wildlife. Rory spent countless hours hiking the mountains hunting, fishing, or taking pictures with his camera. He has transferred that love for the outdoors and that time spent there into his art through his wildlife and landscape paintings.
After spending nearly 42 years in Wyoming, Rory’s work in the oil and gas industry required a move to Edmond, Oklahoma where he currently resides with his wife, Pauline. Here in Oklahoma, Rory’s artwork has taken on a new dimension incorporating all that this state has to offer in beauty from the Wichita Mountains to the breath-taking sunsets and redbud trees. Rory also considers it a privilege to do your painting request upon commission.

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