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Robyn IcksRobyn Icks Photography is built on being passionate about two souls loving with every fiber of their being, fearlessly and often. Love is the biggest adventure one can take. It’s scary, all encompassing, messy, radiant, confusing, and above all it’s beautiful. I want to photograph your love story and showcase everything it means. I capture genuine moments, storytelling details and above all adventurous people crazy in love. No two love stories are the same, so let’s create some magic together.
I breathe photography and have for most of my life. I photographed my first wedding in 2006 and to this day I still can’t get enough of it. Each wedding, like each love story, is completely unique and I love soaking up every moment. I want to travel the world, exploring different cultures and atmospheres, and I hope wedding photography will help allow me to do just that.Robyn Icks
I was lucky enough to find my soul mate at the age of 14, marry him at 19, and to this day he’s never given me a reason to doubt the existence of true love. Together we are owned by five of the sweetest cuddliest rescue cats in the world, and two hilariously pompous guinea pigs. The nine of us live in a tiny house filled to the ceiling with books, color, knick-knacks, collections, photographs, comfiness and cat fur.
(assistant photographer/unicorn)
I’m a mom, writer, and photographer in no particular order. It just depends on the day Robyn Icksand if my kids are napping. I work for the Metropolitan Library System Monday through Friday and it’s heaven for a bibliophile. I can’t tell you how much I love books. I’d have to write you a book about loving books and it would still be a thousand pages long. I grew up in a military family and I’ve traveled all my life. If there isn’t a trip of some kind on the horizon I get a little antsy. I’m hoping my kids will be the same way. I love photography. I love catching things that get overlooked; the glimpse of an alley you drive by, the details of a dress, or the way tree shadows crisscross over pavement. I’m interested in the world around me and photography is a way to see it more clearly. Or maybe it’s a way to see differently.

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