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We all deserve to do the things that bring us joy, and we deserve to feel that there is goodness in our lives. This is my earnest search of what exactly brings me joy (…spoiler…it’s not comparing myself to *~girlbosses~* on Instagram), and then doing more of those things.
I had an epiphany in the shower (where most epiphanies happen), and I realized that I have the brain cells and the skills to figure out what actually brings me joy. And I have the brain cells and skills to (at least learn how to) do more of those things. A bit of a kick in the ass–to realize I hold myself back from the type of life I seek– but I am capable of making that life my own. And so are you. You are worthy of kindness, joy, love, and peace. Even amidst the all the shit. I’m writing that as an affirmation to you and also to me. Whether you’re here to hire me (please feel free), read something funny or honest, gather a new recipe, look at something pretty, eat up some encouragement, or are just one of my parents who creep on anything I put online, thank you for being here. I hope you stick around.
Photography that is all about the honest moments, the real emotions, the kickass small details, and everything that makes you exactly who you are. I aim to tell your story in a modern way, with creative compositions and editing, while remaining true to what is most important: capturing all the goodness in a way you’ll want to show off for the rest of your life. Your photos will make you feel, probably make you laugh, might make you cry, and will 100% bring you back to one of the best times of your life. I was raised on stories. Bedtime stories. Stories around the dinner table. Flipping through stacks of photos and asking the story behind it. Entranced with reading. In love with listening and observing and writing. But…I was really freaking terrible at telling stories out loud and way too shy to let people read my writing most of the time.
When I figured out I could bring narratives to life with images I took, my life. changed, one thing lead to another, and I became a photographer, and thus we have the base of my photography style: story-telling. I was also raised to be myself–to not follow the pack, but to set my own trail. I didn’t really fit in anywhere in school, but tried to be friends with everyone. I’m naturally curious, experimental, and I am inspired by art, architecture, nature, and humanity so my photos reflect those things as well. You won’t find another photographer with my exact style, and I take a bit of pride in that. I try hard to stand out from the sea of trendy photography while still remaining modern, fresh, and relevant. We may get a little weird together. We may experiment a little.
Whatever we do, we’ll make it fun. When you get your gallery, not only will you receive many beautiful images and moments, but each one will be pre-critiqued and edited to give you the best angle, lines, and compositions as possible. Your story told from beginning to end in the most cohesive and creative way I possibly can. I’m here for those who march to the beat of their own drum. For the artists and the dreamers and the homebodies and the nostalgic. For those who seek joy in the smallest moments, laugh with reckless abandon, and want to punch Boring in the face. I’m here for those who don’t take life too seriously, but also realize what a gift it is. I’m here for the brave and the bold and the fun and the quirky ones. The ones searching for real, holding steadfast for honesty, and delighting in whimsy.
I’m here for the lovers, the families, the friends, and the best gift we have: that of human connection. With all that said, over the years I’ve figured out that I’m not the right fit for everyone and not everyone is the right fit for me. And that’s okay! We all want what is best for us. For for those people wanting modern, honest, and thoughtfully-made photographs for your big day, your family, your self–something a but un-typical— I’d be delighted to work with you. In order for me to serve you well, I need to get to know you. What makes your heart beat a little faster? What songs do you turn up on road trips? What is your favorite meal? What do you like to do in your free time? What’s on your bucket list? Who and what shaped you into who you are? Let’s get coffee or a margarita or some tacos or pizza or a nice salad. Let’s get to know each other. And if we can’t meet in person, let’s totally skype or something.
I think I’ve always been looking for the beauty in life, composing photos in my mind and committing nature’s color palettes to memory for inspiration later. Art (and creating), for me, is deeply-rooted. Whatever I am making, I’m striving for a few things: 1) personality (whether it’s personal to the receiver or the maker–I want the person collecting the art to know it was made with them in mind), 2) strong sense of design, use of composition, and/or color–a bit of a no-brainer, but composition, especially, has always been deeply important in all the work I do. How things take shape, fill up space, naturally blend in with surroundings, and lend themselves towards heightening senses feels almost spiritual to me.
Whether I’m styling florals for you, designing or planning your event, creating a piece for you, or something else, I want you to know that you are 100% in mind. Your *fill in the blank* will be put together thoughtfully, imaginatively, and with a touch of modernism, eclecticism, and whimsy. For events, you can have me as much or as little as you need. I am available for the month of your event to ensure things are lined up and ready to go. I can be your go-to from the time of your engagement to your wedding day, helping you make decisions, create the party of your dreams, and be your right-hand woman. I take styling of both events and florals very seriously, but look at them as opportunities for a lot of fun.
As stated, I want everything to feel like you, so we’ll make sure every detail (and then maybe some more) is thought of and executed beautifully. For events, you can get custom anything (basically) if you want, or we can keep it sweet and simple. Custom decor, florals, grazing boards and cocktails, styling, set-up, timelines, moodboards, invites, installations, and so much more. I like to be working on several things at one time to keep the creativity flowing–I welcome all your neat ideas and can’t to create something amazing for you.

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