Paula K Compton

Paula K ComptonAs a professional harpist based here in the Oklahoma heartland, it is my pleasure to provide the perfect musical touch to your next event. From exquisite galas and fairytale weddings to folk festivals and family gatherings, the harp creates a special ambiance that is unequaled in beauty. This unique and lovely instrument evokes joy as well as serenity, celebration as well as comfort, and provides a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The rich and soothing vibrations of the plucked strings are a delight to listeners of all ages and preferences. I began my classical training on the harp at the age of 9, and have now been playing professionally for over 40 years. I have had the privilege of performing as solo artist with orchestra multiple times, and was honored as first place winner in the city-wide talent competition of Fort Worth, TX. Paula K Compton
In 1989 I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Music Education from Oklahoma Baptist University, with harp and voice as my primary and secondary fields of study. Currently I enjoy teaching harp through my private studio as well as serving as an adjunct instructor for OBU, playing with the OBU/Shawnee Community Orchestra, and freelancing for private, corporate and church events. It is difficult to imagine a venue I haven’t performed in. From intimate tableside background music to extravagant banquets at the governor’s mansion, my experience has been diverse and exciting! Whether your event is classy or down to earth, private or for a crowd, harp music will thrill your guests and leave a lasting and memorable impression.
I am also available for destination weddings and events. Contact me for details. It is my pleasure to serve you in creating a delightful musical Paula K Comptonexperience for your next event! My primary instrument is a Lyon & Healy concert grand pedal harp, which has 47 strings and 7 pedals. This is my choice for most classical and orchestral repertoire. It creates a beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated ambiance in any setting. In addition, my 34-string Celtic/lever harp provides the perfect touch for a more simple, intimate or casual atmosphere. Its rich, warm resonance and bright tones fill any space with absolutely gorgeous music. Vocals may also be included when requested. Singing while playing the harp adds to a unique experience.
Perhaps the most gratifying of all my opportunities as a harpist are occasions when I’ve been called upon to offer music therapy for the sick, elderly, or homebound. I am always amazed at the harp’s capacity to lift spirits and fill the heart of the listener with joy. The soothing vibrations of the harp have brought comfort and encouragement to audiences since biblical times. For centuries, the beneficial relationship between harp music and healing has been well established. I am delighted to use the harp as an instrument of peace, comfort and relief. As a harpist, I seek to be professional, graceful, and refined. But in the wider scope of things, I reallyPaula K Compton am quite simple and down to earth. Faith. Family. Friends. Serving others. At the end of the day, this is what really matters. And here in the heartland that I call home, this is what we value most.
The heart and soul of my harp career has been playing for church services and other sacred events. As the daughter of a worship pastor and the wife of a campus minister, I am at home in this setting. It is my life’s calling to bring glory to God, and I am honored to use the talents He has given me with harp and voice to live out that calling. I can think of no better stewardship of the gift of playing the harp than to pass it on to others through teaching. Currently I teach private lessons in my home studio, as well as on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University as an adjunct instructor. If you’ve ever thought you would like to learn to play this unique and lovely instrument, contact me for a consultation. I am happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to accomplish your dreams! When I’m not harping, I enjoy extending hospitality to guests at our small urban farm.
Paula K ComptonJoin me on a tour of our heartland homestead. I’m crazy about our 1965 Yellowstone camper, which we use for little getaways (even in our own backyard!) as well as extra guest space. It’s sort of my grown-up dollhouse. Is there anything better than walking out the kitchen door and gathering fresh and delicious strawberries? This was a particularly bountiful harvest from the strawberry patch one spring day. And with this big family, it was gone in no time! Here I am serenading our chickens, Lucy, Daisy, Buffy, Rosemary and Beula. (This is not a normal activity, I just thought it would make a cute picture!) The girls lay fresh eggs each morning, a real treat for this city girl-turned-urban farmgirl.
My eager feathered audience seems to prefer the rich and mellow sounds of the folk harp. I guess it’s more their style. Fresh, organic greens are a beautiful sight to behold and make incredible gourmet salads. It’s fun to try new varieties and textures. The trick is keeping the bunnies away! Here is my wonderful family, and that handsome guy sitting next to me is myPaula K Compton husband Odus. We have eight amazing kids and two daughters-in-law, and two adorable grandkids. (I may be slightly biased.) Life with such a big crew can get pretty crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are definitely that loud and lively bunch that suddenly realizes how eerily quiet it becomes when we get up to leave a restaurant. Getting a good picture of the whole family always seems like a miracle. I have to psych myself up for the whole ordeal. This picture was quickly outdated as we soon added another daughter-in-law and another grandbaby (welcome Gracie and Levi!), but it will have to do for awhile.

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