Olivia Munn


Lisa Olivia Munn, born July 3, 1980, professionally known as Olivia Munn, is an American actress and model. She was credited as Lisa Munn in the beginning of her career, since 2006, she has been known as Olivia Munn both personally and professionally. Before becoming an actress, Olivia began her professional career in television journalism. During 2006, Olivia had a recurring role as Mily Acuna in the series Beyond the Break. From 2006-2010, she co-hosted Attack of the Show! And later was a correspondent on The Daily Show (2010-2011). Olivia had a main role on HBO’s The Newsroom as Sloan Sabbith from 2012-2014. Recently in 2016, Olivia appeared in the sequel film X-Men: Apocalypse as Psylocke.

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