Jody Schmidt

With their self-titled debut effort, the band is poised to take the country by storm. Written in the aftermath of a soured relationship, the eponymous debut is ten songs of moody country rock that is sure to catapult the band into the national arena. “When things around me started to crumble, I picked up my guitar and started writing” Schmidt says from his home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. “When everything else was gone I still had my music and it just flowed out.” At first listen you can tell the songs are literally the sound of a man exorcising his all the emotions at the end of a relationship. From one song to the next, the album runs the gamut of emotions from love and happiness to the anger of being let down and finally family and healing in a cathartic journey.
Jody cites the Zac Brown Band, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and Blues Traveler among others as influences but the band is a far sight from wearing them on their collective sleeves. From the building country-rock roar of “Breakdown”, to the easy, laid back feel of “Crazy Love” and “Drive Me Home” to the collected anger of “In Your Dreams”, the self-titled debut announces and defines the Jody Schmidt Band sound.
The story begins however in the early 90s when Jody’s dad Joe traded an old electric bass from his teenage years for a half size folk acoustic the pair found at a local pawn shop. This was of course around the time Garth Brooks “Ropin’ the Wind” came out and you can pretty much guess where the story goes from there. A few worn out cassettes and a lot of time spent with his step dad who happened to be a champion Banjo Player and his bluegrass buddies, added to his chops and before long Jody began writing his own music. He performed his first original song in 5th grade and it’s all just grown from there.
More recently however, the band came about when bassist Michael Cowen, approached Schmidt, who had for the most part been playing solo shows and jamming with friends as his musical outlet. “My friend Michael had been on me for years about starting a band, and Bobby Godfrey, who is a drummer came up to me at a local show” he says. The three had one practice on a Saturday afternoon and played a show that same night at a local watering hole. “It was weird” he says of the first practice. “It was like we’d been playing together for years.” Before long the band filled out to include Eric Montgomery on steel guitar. Kendal Osborne and Ross Ward act as performing musicians on Guitar and keyboards respectively.

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