Jenny Richelle


Jenny Richelle wrote her very first song at the age of 11 and sang it acapella in front of all of her peers at her Stillwater, OKlahoma middle school talent show, where she received a standing ovation. This gave Jenny her first taste of the reward of writing and singing and so it had begun. Jenny’s love for music and song writing continued to grow, and at the still young age of 17, her Uncle Johnny, taught Jenny her first chords on the acoustic guitar and she was hooked! She has been writing and playing ever since. In 2002, Jenny put her music aside after she met her husband, while attending Oklahoma State University, and she started a family. Although not forgotten, she put down her guitar, and she focused solely on her husband and three children, whom she adores. Her love of singing and writing never did leave her. In 2010, after a long intermission, she picked her guitar back up and began writing and playing again, and in 2012, she recorded her very first album, Someday, with Tate Music Company in Mustang, OK. This led her to bookings including local TV, various central Oklahoma venues, and even San Diego, CA. Jenny is now working toward her second album and she can’t wait to start recording again!

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