Jennifer Woods

The highlight of my morning as a child was picking a necklace or ring to wear from my grandmother’s jewelry box. I can still remember my excitement choosing a piece based on how I felt at that moment, what spoke to me, and what I wanted to convey to the rest of the world. Even at the young age of five, jewelry was my medium. Today, I design jewelry for the woman who refuses to limit herself to any one style—or any one emotion. I come from a family of farmers and land owners on the outskirts of a small Oklahoma town.
I’ve always found inspiration in my surroundings: freshly tilled earth, spring flowers, golden wheat fields, and dusty Oklahoma sunsets. When I was a child, my grandmother took me to painting and sculpting classes on the days I wasn’t gathering eggs from her hen house or wandering through her garden. With my grandfather, we traveled throughout Oklahoma and into Arkansas and Missouri, exploring every antique market we could find. Many of the shops we visited had vast Native American jewelry collections.
I became acquainted with semiprecious gemstones. I fell in love with sterling silver. I developed a keen eye for design. I reveled in the history of each piece I discovered, wondering what had led a certain bracelet or a particular brooch through the years and into my waiting hands. If we truly are the sum of our experiences, then it isn’t difficult to imagine how I came to craft my own jewelry. Inspired by nature, cultivated by my travels, refined over years of craftsmanship, my pieces don’t fall into a single stylistic category, but range instead from vintage to whimsical, from sophisticated to statement.
My penultimate question as I create and customize: How do I want my client to feel?Integrating semiprecious gemstones, Czech glass, sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled components, Jennifer Woods Jewelry speaks to every woman and every mood.

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