JD Brower Band

JD Brower BandThe JD Brower Band started with a young boy putting his feelings into a song at 3 am on a Youtube video. That video, though a funny song in reality, was truly the start of JD’s love of writing music. Fast-forward a few years, JD had the opportunity to play at the Country Music Showdown at the Tumbleweed in Stillwater, OK and asked a handful of his friends to join him. They had so much fun they decided to start a band. They originally called themselves the Bottom Dollars, but after finding out that another band in the Northeast had the same name they decided to change their name to the JD Brower Band. They played their first gig at a VFW post in a small town on the backJD Brower Band roads of Oklahoma. They played together for over a year.
As always in Oklahoma, the oil industry happened. The pipeline came calling to several of the band members, including JD, and the dream was put on hold. Now that time has passed and the boys are back and better than ever. Although, a few members have changed over the years, the heart of the band remains the same. All of the members of the JD Brower Band are from Stillwater and the surrounding areas. Their musical and instrumental talents range from guitar, bass and drums to the tambourine and harmonica. And their vocal talents grow stronger every day. The members of the JD Brower Band love country music and, even more, they love to perform country music.
JD Brower BandJD and his friends have written many awesome original songs, but they also like to party with some of their favorite cover songs. All of the guys in the JD Brower Band love music. They simply love to play. And they would like the opportunity to play for you. You can see the passion these guys have for their art every time they pick up an instrument. We would love the opportunity to show you just what country music means to us.

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