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Daniel HarrisDaniel has been drawn to the figurative nature of a bottle from the first vertical movement of the clay. He wants to be there when the clay moves into place and to see where it can go. Each form has a beaming character which shines on the ones to come. Chance is the moving force that directly influenced the evolution of his work. From the earliest one until now, there is a lineage thatDaniel Harris connects them. The playful interaction between the form creates a fixed memory of its soul. He tries to be there in that moment and let the clay influence him. He worked as a baker for several years and began making pottery in 1977. The work ethic and integrity of a baker directly influenced who he is as a potter. A baker creates not just from a recipe, but from all the senses. The consistent repetition requires a daily pride in one’s work. The cycle of beginning again anew and the chance for something new to happen is why he is a potter – to bake fresh each day.

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