Chris Humphrey

I get to meet a lot of people at weddings. Some people can’t resist telling me about their wedding…even when their memory is less than favorable.
One young woman told me about how she tried to save some money on her wedding and hired a friend to take her wedding photos.
Her wedding day was fantastic but unfortunately, her photos were not and now she not only regrets losing all of those memorable moments, but also losing a friend.
Another young woman told me about her fantastic wedding and her great photographs. The sad part, she tells me, is that her photographer was a complete jerk. So now every time she looks at her photographs she struggles to forget her photographer’s terrible attitude and tries to remember just the happy moments.
I hate having to choose between great work or great service. I want both.
Your wedding day is not about me. In fact, it has nothing to do with me. It is 125% about you and your fiancé and your family and your friends and those nice people that your folks invited to your wedding but you don’t really know them that well.
I know this page is supposed to be more “about me,” but for me (despite the cheesy Bryan Adams song that comes to mind), everything I do, is really about YOU. This is your day and I don’t want you to ever think that it’s anything less than that.
I love what I do and I also love providing amazingly good service to you and everyone that is a part of your day.
I am continually restructuring my business to be able to take care of you personally. From all emails, calls and texts to any custom requests, when you call me, I’m the guy you get talk to.
Every aspect of your wedding is important and whether it’s a little retouch or a big Wedding Book, I’m your contact throughout the process. Now I will admit, this elevated service does sacrifice my time and as a result, I simply cannot photograph every wedding request I receive. I’m okay with that because for the ones I do photograph, I pour my heart into them.
I’ve been told that my passion shows in the images I capture – I simply cannot think of a better compliment.
My photographic style is certainly more journalistic or as I like to call it, “real.” It’s simply an extension of the care and respect of your wedding day. By being more “hands-off” I can freely capture those intimate, personal moments as a quiet and sensitive observer; preserving those that define your day – the ones with a little heart in them.
I know my approach isn’t sexy or super-stylish but if this kind of service feels right for you, shoot me an email and tell me a little about your wedding day. I’ll shoot you over some info, perhaps give you a call and we can set up a time to talk more about it. I want to hear more about your awesome day and answer any questions you may have.

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