Burneta Venosdel


Since the age of eight, and growing up in the remote areas of northwestern Oklahoma, Burneta Venosdel has known she wanted to be artist. Sometimes dreams take a while to come true. Burneta was given the opportunity to pursue that dream, almost 50 years later when an art teacher friend, goaded her into taking a sculpting class, which actually turned out to be foundry casting process. Once she picked up the clay, she knew she had to learn more about this medium. Taking classes, at the Cowboy Hall of Fame, from the very best western contemporary artist of the day, she honed her skills with the likes of John Coleman, Garland Weeks, Cynthia Rigdon, Sandy Scott, and Richard Loffler. Harold Holden, Rozalind Cook, Curt Mattson, and Veryl Goodnight also influenced her style of sculpting.
Studying with these fine artists gave Burneta the confidence to create works that show her attention to detail by creating iconic subjects that are timeless. One such sculpture is the bust of Kiowa Chief Set-T’ainte (Satanta) commissioned by the Chief’s Great Granddaughter and is exhibited at the Ft. Sill Indian Journey Museum. Burneta is a national award-winning sculptor and painter who has been blessed to travel across the country, exhibiting her sculptures and paintings to collectors who enjoy her strong dynamic, western influenced detailed modern pieces. Many of her subjects are from her surroundings and life on the ranch. ‘I was told to paint and sculpt what you know best’, says Burneta. She definitely knows cattle, horses and the figurative subjects that have influenced her choice of subject matter. Burneta is currently Vice President of Women Artists of the West organization and the past Co-Chair for the 48th National WAOW Exhibition held in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She is a Master-Signature member of WAOW and Signature member of both American Plains Artists and American Women Artists organizations. Burneta was recently asked to be an instructor of the Western Art Academy at Schreiner’s College in Kerrville, Texas.

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