Bingo Sloan with M.M.D. and Mystery Band

Bingo Sloan became a musician at age eleven as a trumpet player in grade school. He started playing guitar at age fifteen and played both through two years of college when he dropped out of the music school at O.U. to play guitar full time. His first band was “THE URCHINS” that played around the Tulsa area for six years when he was still in high school and college. Soon after he played with “SUN DOG” for a few years and later “THE MAGIC EMPIRE BAND” which became “MYSTERY BAND”. On a couple of occasions he toured with “THE DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND” and still does occasional work for. Although not a real keyboard player, he has been known to do supplemental playing of as well. Currently he has been playing with “MICHELLE BROWN AND MMD” as well as working on new and old original material.

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