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I am Ashley Sunderland: owner & face of -you guessed it- Ashley Sunderland Photography. Over 11 years ago, I got my start as a photographer by working for my Grandfather’s studio. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I loved the fast-paced, emotion-filled days, so in 2008 I launched my own business as The Red Couch Studio (which later changed to this – Ashley Sunderland Photography). I live in the heart of OKC with my 3 dogs- Boston, Marshall, and Piper. I’m a huge advocate for rescuing and adopting pups (my wild child Piper is a foster fail… two days after saving her from a kill shelter I found her playing in my bed with my other two and my heart melted into a big ol’ pile of gooey cheese. She had to stay.)
A little over four years ago I found a love affair with heavy weights and CrossFit – I still don’t like running – and I have a pretty great gym family with Crossfit Homebase Central. If you ever stop in you’ll probably find one of my dogs there (it’s Marshall’s happy place too), and me gasping for my inhaler in the corner. It’s fine.
High on my bucket list is to visit all of the US National Parks. I’m still pretty early in, only having been to 8 so far, but they are all such magical, incredible places. (So far Grand Canyon is still my favorite spot).
And lastly, I have a strong affection for cheese. All things cheese – breaded and deep fried, sizzling in a skillet, or a cold little cube. So if you plan on having a queso fountain at your wedding – I’m your girl.

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