Amanda Zoey

Amanda ZoeyAmanda Zoey has been cultivating her art form over the years in a variety of expressions. From painting to jewelry design to her recent works with paper and metal, she incorporates these interests into pieces that depict her personal experience and life philosophies. With a background in art and graphic design, in 2007 she began her full time artist career and launched an artist made retail store and gallery in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. For the past few years she has begun expandingAmanda Zoey her media to large scale murals and public art projects in Downtown Oklahoma City.
Her recent works with jewelry and sculpture combine the rough and free beauty of natural elements into metropolitan adaptations with polished geometric designs. This blending of organic and industrial elements, combined with one of a kind findings, reflect free spirited urban couture. All materials are sourced locally wherever available and each stone comes from her adventures throughout the US and a small family quartz mine in Arkansas.

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