Ahna Jennings


Ahna Jennings and Calamity Heart is an Americana band featuring Fort Gibson, Oklahoma native, singer/songwriter Ahna Jennings (lead vocalist and guitar), Brad Rice (vocals and percussion), Donnie Wood (bass) and Kyle Brown (lead guitar). Four years after stepping onto the stage for the first time and a brief period of introspection, Ahna Jennings connected with area musician Kyle Brown followed by two of the most successful musicians on the Red Dirt/Texas Country music scene, Brad Rice and Donnie Wood. From this fusion Calamity Heart was born.
Her haunting voice and painfully honest, soul-baring lyrics combined with the progressive, yet rootsy, artistry of the group creates a timeless, anachronistic vibe. Though heavily embedded in the Oklahoma sound, this group isn’t afraid to color outside of the lines and pull influences from other cosmic bodies.
The band is currently in the studio working on the followup to Ahna Jennings first single, “How I Spend My Nights” (which released independently in 2018). The highly anticipated album, “Gypsy” promises to be a genre-bending, euphonious experience to music lovers across the board. For more information visit Ahna Jennings and Calamity Heart’s Facebook page.

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