Tom Hoch

Tom HochTom Hoch Plan | Design | Build specializes in club, resort, hotel, restaurant and recreational spaces, and is a recognized leader for delivering great design on schedule and within budget. The company has created many of the most engaging and functional spaces in the golf, hospitality and leisure industries, including award-winning, revenue-bolstering projects for leading luxury brands. Tom Hoch Plan | Design | Build has revolutionized the category via its “revenue-based design” model, a space planning, sizing and mapping process for retail-driven spaces such as golf shops and food- and-beverage operations geared directly at delivering theTom Hoch brand promise of the facility. The revenue-based design model can be applied to new construction, and is particularly effective with cost-sensitive remodeling projects. Contracted design work is completed onsite in Tom Hoch’s 30,000 square-foot studio, and are designed and built by our team of highly skilled artisans, carpenters and designers, and installers.

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