Talent of The Month!



Chawky Frenn

Born in Zahlé, Lebanon, Chawky Frenn lived his formative years in a country that nurtured him not only with paradoxes,

Rachel Teannalach

Rachel Teannalach is a contemporary landscape painter based in Boise, Idaho. Her work is characterized by bold, gestural brushstrokes and

Josh Simpson

Josh Simpson (born August 17, 1949 in New Haven, Connecticut) is an American glass artist. His work has been exhibited

The Cazanovas

For the past 10 years The Cazanovas have evolved into the current line up which is fresh and new. The

EB and Jason

For ten years we’ve lived together, played together and worked together chasing the beauty and emotion of our couple’s most

Footlight Dance Centre

Footlight Dance Centre was founded in 1984. A professional conservatory environment for dance instruction in the Wood River Valley. Our

Drifter Still

From rootsy indie rock to guitar driven pop grooves, Boise, Idaho-based Drifter Still has a sound that is eclectic, hard

Glynnis Talken Campbell

I’m a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling action-adventure romance. I’m the wife of a rock star, and the mother

Vomit Launch

In January 1985, in the college town of Chico, California, Gene Story decided he wanted to start a band, with

Alex Arshansky

Alex Arshansky is a self-taught artist working in his original style of “Biomorphic Cubism”. Alexander is a prolific artist living

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