Talent of The Month!



Kevin Townsend

Kevin Townsend is a Boston-based artist, educator and former master printer for Hand Print Workshop International. He has taught as

Christy Lavallee

Since 1997, Christy has been working as a professional makeup artist, making women look and feel their best using her

Eva Walsh

Eva Walsh is a fun-loving folk-pop singer, fiddler and songwriter from Boston who delivers a heartfelt performance of charming original

Larry Martinez

Larry Martinez is a lifelong resident of Taos, New Mexico, and was raised amidst the centuries old cultures and traditions

Zachary Coffin

Zachary Coffin has been building large-scale kinetic and interactive sculpture for over 25 years. His work explores the boundary between


It’s hard to find a true blues guitarist in today’s musical landscape, but that’s exactly what you get with Jules

Mariel Vandersteel

Somewhere between the fjords of Norway and mountains of the Blue Ridge, the fiddle-playing of Mariel Vandersteel intones the strains

Ruth Reese

Ruth Reese explores the richness of porcelain, black stoneware and red earthenware in her sculptural work. Published in “500 Plates”,

Jo Ann Smith

Prepare to be transfixed by the ethereal sounds of a sweetly tuned diatonic autoharp in the hands of a true

Abby Gough

Born February 5, 1997 Houston born, Houston raised Abby Gough was destined to write and record a song for one

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