Talent of The Month!



Michael Robert

  Michael Robert is best known for his powerful rock version of the classic hymn, “At the Cross” as well

Shana Beals

I am an award-winning makeup artist with over 20 years of professional artistry experience. I am proud to be one

Ray Olan

  Ray Olan y su Nuevo Sason released his long-awaited Salsa project ” Return From The Future” and this Summer

Jacqueline Seymour

Jacqueline Seymour (or JS ), is an internationally/nationally recognized, published, recording artist, singer-songwriter, producer, performer, runway/print model, and now author

Jamie Y

I’m Jamie Y, and there’s a reason why I’ve made photography such an important part of my life. I believe

Laura Stewart

My name is Laura Stewart. I have had my personal chef and catering business since 2007. As a member of

Mara Hruby

Mara Hruby doesn’t just play music—she lives it. Since the onset of her career, the Oakland, CA native has poured

Alyssa and Corey Frost

  We are Alyssa and Corey Frost, a husband and wife photography team that would love to capture your story.

Maren Conrad

In dirty space between urban dwellings, above the frayed and broken concrete littered with needles and drenched in addiction, lies

Antoniy Kakamakov

Antoniy Kakamakov is a prize-winning classical guitarist, chamber musician, and educator. His performances are acknowledged for being “powerfully emotional and