Talent of The Month!



West Bolz

  West Bolz grew up and resides in Charlotte, NC, spent his early adult years in Athens, GA and Asheville,

Andy and Judy Daigle

  Andy and Judy Daigle have been singing together since 2009. It’s a duo built upon common ground. Each draw

Ron Daniel

  Ron Daniel is a son of the South hailing from Athens, Georgia. Time spent in the West has greatly

Tanya Boggs

  With an MFA and two decades of experience in her rearview mirror, Tanya Boggs is an award-winning photographer specializing

Saluda Shoals

  A stylistically unique country roots band from day one, the members of Saluda Shoals have been singing, performing, and

Kate Aubrey

  A devoted watercolorist for 35 years, Kate Aubrey enjoys mixed media techniques which include various combinations of gouache, acrylic,

Pat Broderick

  I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old when I bought an old 70s SG model from

Southbound 17

  Growing up in Charleston, SC, Jack Austen, Jacob Simmons, & Katie Bailey were surrounded by music. Whether it was

Casey Mink

  Casey Mink’s long-term curiosity for and dedication to the violin has led to experiences ranging from performing at Carnegie

Ken Bowman Photography

  Charleston photographs, and Lowcountry photographs, are a true love for Ken. For the past 20 years he has taken