Whitney Shucks

Whitney ShucksBeauty and brains, Whitney Shucks has worked in the entertainment industry both in front of and behind the camera. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, where she first began her entertainment hustle; Miss Shucks started off doing trade for shoots with local photographers, often not receiving the photos promised to her. Becoming impatient with the inconsistency, Whitney began working ten times as hard, traveling back and forth from St. Louis to Chicago for paid work. Miss Shucks started booking shows, getting paid assignments, and going on runway show tours. Since then she has done reality shows, hosted a show on ABC, worked with a number of magazines, acted in live theatre, and is now producing and directing fashion events for aspiring talent to gain exposure. Whitney Shucks also volunteers for a non-profit youth organization, where she holds the role or Program Director. Within this position she brings over four years of mentoring, planning, teenage health consulting, marketing and organizing events. As Program Director, she monitors the effectiveness of the foundation’s programs, working with both the students, parents, community partners and staff. “Entertainment is my passion, and I love helping others; my goal is to find ways to put these together.”

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