Tony Hunt


Tony Hunt is an independent drummer based in the Saint Louis area. After beginning to learn the basic concepts of drumming at age 4, Tony decided to pass up on drum lessons and learn to mimic music from the radio and old albums of his parents. Once out of grade school Tony joined the school concert band program and in his first competition, earned the highest grade possible on a snare drum solo. From that point onward, the awards have kept coming. After winning multiple awards, Tony earned the highest achievement in high school music by winning the John Phillip Sousa Award after placing in the top ten for Missouri High School jazz drummers. In 2008, Tony marched in the 2008 Pasadena Rose Parade in the cymbal line with Missouri State University as the opening band. In 2011, Tony was selected by Drum! Magazine for their “New Blood” section, showcasing his then-project, Kadem. With musical backgrounds in Jazz, Orchestral, Contemporary, Indie, Blues-Alternative (Kadem),and other various labels, Tony’s skills are very unique in the sense of creativity within a certain genre; often mixing and matching to give every song exactly what it needs.
Only a few weeks after releasing the first Shotgun Abby EP, Hunt left the group to focus on academics. Hunt has served off and on as a drumline technician the past two years with the Grandview High School Pride Band in Hillsboro, Missouri. During the fall of 2016, Hunt completed his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and was also married to the love of his life. As part of the ceremony and reception, Hunt once again reunited with fellow Kadem members, Shawn Riebold and Joe Wren to relive some of their finest musical moments. Since the event, Hunt has focused less on music and more on his second career, human services. In 2018, Hunt has joined the musical group Croft as a drummer and percussionist. Currently the band is playing out several times a month and is beginning to collaborate on a new album. No release date has been set at this time. Croft is based out of Saint Louis, Missouri.
Gear: Soultone Cymbals, Tama drums and hardware, Remo drumheads, Diamondback sticks and LP percussion.

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