The Fade

Longtime friends and roommates Christopher Bachmann and Devon Kirsch dreamed of branching out from their classical roots to start a rock band. After suffering through a few false starts, the pair knew they had found something special when they starting playing with their next door neighbor Ryan Spriggs, a self-taught singer and guitarist. With Ryan bringing his songwriting talents to the mix, along with Devon on bass and Christopher on guitar, they went to work creating the sound and soul of The Fade. But, they weren’t complete until they convinced their orchestral percussionist friend Anne Stevenson to join the effort. The Belleville-based quartet created a memorable set of originals and began booking St. Louis venues such as Blueberry Hill Duck Room, Off Broadway, and The Demo and opening for acts such as The Incurables, Dropkick the Robot, and Valise. The Fade’s efforts thus far have culminated in their self-titled EP, released in February 2016, which has received airplay on 88.1 KDHX and 105.7 The Point.
As one might expect with the band members’ diverse musical backgrounds, The Fade’s sound is eclectic with dreamy pop-rock tracks interspersed with driving 60’s-inspired rock. Poetic lyrics pair with catchy melodies and solid beats to create feel-good music that instantaneously pleases the ear. With a magnetic formula uncommon to their genre, The Fade’s refreshing presence in the rock landscape promises to please audiences as their career continues.

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