The Bottlesnakes


Ethan Leinwand is a blues pianist and preservationist. A student of the music’s rich history and varied regional styles, Ethan presents personal interpretations of many of the great (and forgotten) old-time barrelhouse masters. He specializes in St. Louis pre-war piano blues, Texas barrelhouse, early Chicago boogie-woogie, and New Orleans rhythm ‘n’ blues. Originally from Middletown, CT, Ethan has spent time living in New Orleans, LA and Brooklyn, NY. He moved to St. Louis, MO in the summer of 2014, after a short visit convinced him that, with its thriving blues community and storied music history – particularly on the piano – St. Louis was the ideal place to live and work .
Nick Pence is a slide guitarist and a native to St. Louis. Influenced by a mix of American musicians he most often finds inspiration from the likes of Frank Stokes, Clifford Gibson, Casey Bill Weldon, Tampa Red, Charley Jordan, as well as old time string and jug bands. Together they bring high energy and low down grooves. Their playing seems to intertwine as if it were one and their singing lays right on top of the other as if they were brothers. It is tried and true when a city tickler and a country picker get together something special is bound to result. This duo is no exception.

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