Tennille McClain

 Tennille McClainMy name is Tennille McClain and I am the Make-up Artist and Owner of Angelic Faces Make-Up Artistry, LLC. I have been a make-up artist since 2007 and have dedicated my entire career to helping to bring out the hidden beauty in my clients. Makeup application allows me to be creative and to give some people an experience that they have never had before. It can highlight their best features and can also cover up some of the scars and insecurities they have with their skin. My mission is to help enhance women’s God-given beauty. I do this for women that want to look like a more flawless version of themselves for all occasions. By applying the best products suitable for my client’s skin type, I can achieve their overall look. I constantly practice my skills, educate myself on the best techniques, keep up-to-date on the latest trends in make-up artistry and skin care, and also stay on top of the classic and timeless looks. On a national level, I’ve done make-up for The Dr. Phil Show and locally I’ve worked on some local TV show sets, done fashion shows, and a plethora of weddings. I’ve been a MAC Pro member since 2008 which allowed me the opportunity to take classes taught by some of MAC’s top international Master MUA’s. I’ve also taken 1-on-1 and group classes taught by celebrity make-up artists that work on a local and a national level. I offer a variety of services such as make-up application, eyebrow arching, false eyelash application, make-up lessons/classes for individuals and for groups, and tattoo cover-up. More importantly I don’t take this gift and opportunity to work and help create beautiful memories for my clients for granted. I do all of this work unto my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to helping to make your memories more beautiful!

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