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I’m Shannon! I’m the founder and lead makeup artist at All of the makeup you’ll find on this site was done by yours truly. I’ve styled some of the hair as well. In general, I just love making other women feel beautiful. I think we all deserve that, right?
Since I mostly work with brides on their big days, wedding makeup is my niche. However, bridal beauty is not all I do. I also do fashion show makeup, HD makeup, Halloween makeup, makeup for events, engagements, homecoming and proms, senior and professional portraits. I do a lot of other stuff too, and have been called a jane-of-all-trades. Being a jane-of-all-trades can make me totally random at times. Here’s a little of my history to explain that: I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. After earning my degree in Business Administration from Fontbonne University here, I moved to Las Vegas where I worked in advertising and did freelance makeup work for MAC Cosmetics and Make Up For Ever. I met a lot of great people, a few celebrities (Like Top Chef contestants and Andre Agassi) and had tons of fun. “Work hard, play hard” rings true in Sin City. Luckily, you know what happens in Vegas stays there, right? After Vegas, I moved to Charlotte, NC to sell electronic cigarettes. You should be feeling the randomness right about now. While flying to 7-11’s corporate office to sell e-cigs was fun, I still had the makeup itch. I freelanced and did makeup whenever possible, including Charlotte Fashion Week. That was a blast. After losing that e-cig job (by the grace of God) I moved home and got my esthetics license. Whoop! Since then, I’ve beautified hundreds of wedding parties. I was also a regional sales rep for the skincare pioneer Dermalogica for a couple years before I settled down to start our little family.
Today, I am still active in the makeup & hair industry and teach at the esthetics school I graduated from. Life has come full circle and I’m just rolling with it. When I’m not making other people pretty or spouting off horrible puns, I work on being the best mom I can be. To keep myself sane, I like to travel, practice feng shui, hit the gym (for no longer than an hour at a time) and write – which makes this blog useful. My favorite pastime since becoming a mother is sleeping. I just can’t get enough. I look forward to providing you with beauty, humor and help through my blog. Head to the contact page to let me know which one I can do for you today.

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