Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose I’m a plus size model and voice over actor located in central Missouri. I’m a size 16/18 or XL, am 5’7″ and 196lbs. I am the only admin for my page. This is the official Sarah Rose – Model page. Please message me via Facebook or email me at for booking information. I am willing to travel. Modeling experience: Glamour, catalog, cosplay, runway, pin up, live promotions/demos, character representation, tv commercial, host/MC, reality tv, and alternative. Voice acting/acting experience: IVR, radio ads, book narration, video games and public speaking. I model to help advocate for plus size women, natural beauty, positive body image, and to fight against the current fashion industry standards.
I believe in putting myself, as I am, out in public. It’s very eye-opening for some women and encourages them to be more confident with their own size, imperfections, and beautiful self. I think people need to accept more diversity in the fashion industry. It influences us more than we realize. It’s good when we can relate to something or someone and it makes us feel more accepted and reassures us how great we all are and how different everyone is. We need to see that all sizes, genders, ages, imperfections and disabilities can be sexy, are beautiful, and can stand for or represent something. So basically I’m here to do what I love, and to do my part to make the change I want to see.
Feel free to contact me about more specifics! I’m a “real” genuine unique woman with passions, goals, interests, confidence, and a sexy Sansappellevoice. I’m very out-going, really easy to talk to, and ambitious. I generally get along with EVERYONE. I am a woman that knows how to have fun, can hold an intelligent conversation, and loves to meet new people! I have a sarcastic, smart-ass sense of humor, sometimes it’s pretty twisted, sick, dirty, dark, and covered in glitter or cherry flavored. I have been at my full time day job since 2003. I like anything from camping to a black tie event! Love all types of music, concerts, & art. I enjoy boating, golf, beer & bonfires, modeling, photography, road trips & traveling, DIY, movies & theater, cocktails & social events. I can find beauty in about anything and everyone. I have a heart of gold and believe that’s rare. I see the good in people and let them know it! I’m spontaneous and brutally honest. I’m very open minded, creative, accepting, flexible, and non-judgmental. I’m not a materialistic person. I’m very frugal and use my money and time well. I’m a single mom of 3 kids and 1 fur baby.

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