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Can you imagine not knowing what you looked like as a baby or a toddler? Can you imagine having no idea how your parents looked when they were younger? How would you feel if you had no memories of the place you spent your earliest years? We had no family photographs from before I was in third grade and it felt like there was a hole in my life. I’d asked my Mom why there were no photos and she said the album must have been left with my Dad when they divorced, I was resigned to never knowing how my early life had looked. But then I got to visit my Dad in Thailand and we spent hours together searching for the album, we were ready to give up hope and then there it was, in the last place left to search, a large old red leather album. The edges are tattered and worn, it’s cover is faded and the leather has aged but it couldn’t look more beautiful in my eyes.
We sat together for hours as I poured over each picture full of questions, “Who Is This?”, “Where was that?”, “What’s happening?”. Finally, I knew how I looked as a baby and a small child, I knew how my parents looked, I could see how loved I was, I saw the places we lived and visited, I saw my relations and friends as they had looked back then. Long forgotten memories resurfaced, the glimpse of wallpaper in a background and I would dimly remember the room, a smile on a face and a forgotten person would be remembered. The hole in life was finally banished.
I share my story because this is why I’m a wedding photographer. This is why I abandoned a safe career in civil engineering for photography. Because I truly, deeply believe in the importance of photography, without photographs our lives are not complete. As a documentary wedding photographer, I want to ensure that not one moment of your day will be forgotten, I want to make sure that you will have a collection of beautiful images that will become as treasured and well-worn as my childhood family album. To find out more about my storytelling approach to wedding photography click her(link to blog), or head over to the gallery and have a browse through some of my favourite images

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