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Hello and welcome to FletcherWorks where you’ll find one of a kind jewelry creations designed and made by hand in St. Louis, MO! I hope you like what my site has to offer. My name is Lauren, I’m a silversmith and I create exclusive jewelry that is both stylish and versatile. My enthusiasm for metalsmithing began at Missouri State University where I received a BFA in metals/jewelry in 2003. The metals medium, particularly nonferrous metal, including silver, gold, copper, and brass, has a variety of characteristics that I find very intriguing. When heated, it becomes malleable which makes it quite a forgiving material to work with. The term “smith” derives from the germanic verb “to smite” which means: to strike with a tool. After a series of strikes the metal takes form and gets harder with each blow, resulting in remarkable strength and permanence that can withstand the test of time. Transforming flat sheets of metal into dimensional forms incorporated with folds, surface texture, and pattern is a technical challenge I’m continually exploring.
Form, pattern, and texture varieties abundant in the natural botanical world influence my creative concepts. Inspiration works interchangeably with the traditional metalsmithing tools I use and range of applications they have to offer. The aesthetic components that result from merging traditional ornamentation with modern elements of pattern and surfaces treatments give my jewelry art distinctive character. Aged and conventional in appearance with features that simultaneously reflect a modern native american/ industrial twist. The style of each original creation differs from one piece to the next; thus no two are ever the same and each one as unique as the individual who wears it.
Adornment has been a part of humanity across the globe since the beginning of civilization as a means of expressing ones status in a community. Whether is to establish rank, personal protection, or satisfy the psychic needs that an ornament exhibits, jewelry always has and always will have a significant place in every culture. I am interested in why we wear jewelry today. The symbolic nature of jewelrys presence has shifted quite a bit—giving new meaning to the concept of status among modern communities. The invasion of mass production has taken hold which is why I am proud to make my tiny little mark in the vast world of accessorizing. Handmade is better, tradition lives within the makers movement. I am proud to be a part of this movement; to create heirlooms that will last indefinitely and to be an craftsman who can share the love for this trade and keep art alive.

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