Justin Tolentino

Justin Tolentino was born 1978 in St. Louis. He currently resides there making his art known to the ever evolving city of St. Louis along expanding both nationally and internationally. He has been a part of the hip hop and graffiti scene since the early age of 15 when he took to the streets bombing. Earning a scholarship from Memphis College of Art right out of high school he studied traditional techniques, realism, minored in printmaking and majored in illustration. After he graduated from Memphis College of Art and trying to secure a job in the corporate world, he decided to pursue his dream of being a true artist, one that paints for himself. He works in various mediums, can paint just about anything on almost everything and does so with great ease. Because of this he has won several awards, has been in shows to numerous to count and his work can be found in almost every aspect of society, from murals, prints, shoes, fine art, bottles, cars, clothing, live demos, etc.
His art employs characters to express a multi-faceted self-portrait of what is true, what is comforting and what is good. These paintings convey humor and the irony of being human. He laughs back at life. He sends in the clowns where others would remain in quiet despair. The art he creates is constantly evolving and changing. Taking from both worlds the high art world along with the underground art and translating his experiences into a style with the feeling and power of the underground. There is one thing for sure he will always be creating, painting, pushing the envelope to achieve a different look, style, allowing him to be himself.

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