Joe Maddock

Born January 7th, 1986, Joe Maddock was quick to take on percussion at the age of 9. Between school band class and private drum lessons, he began taking on other instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, and bass guitar. Around the age of 13, he grew an interest in putting together music on his own and got his first 4 track cassette tape mixer. As the years past he became the front man for numerous bands such as “Dangerous Game” and “Amorath” taking on vocals as well. All while constantly upgrading his home studio and self teaching about multiple instruments, genres, mixing, and mastering as he still does to this day. Joe strives to make a living in music one way or another and won’t stop until he’s achieved his goal. It is his love, his passion, and his dream. With the work put in so far, and the future work to be put in, the possibilities are endless!

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