Jimmy Liu

Jimmy Liu is an award winning industrial designer and artist working in clay. The skill, technique and content of his ceramics have received local and national recognition. His work has been published in “500 Figures in Clay” Jimmy was born in Taiwan and graduated from the University of Chinese Culture in Taipei. He holds a Masters degree of Arts from Fontbonne University in St. Louis. In 2011, he received the Award of Best of Show in Spring Art Fair at Queeny Park in St. Louis, MO. and Best of Show at the 2009 Mid Summer Art Fair at Quincy in Illinois. Jimmy has been juried into exhibitions at Art Saint Louis and curetted into off-site Art Saint Louis venues. In addition to his art career, Jimmy has worked of 20 years as chief designer of GPX and YORX, Inc. He is well known for his expertise in consumer electronics product design having received world-wide recognition and numerous awards. Currently he is ID consultant of Sophia LLC. and has his own studio ” Jimmy Liu Studio ” where he provides private art lessons for students of all ages. In addition to teaching classes, he views the studio as a place to concentrate on transforming his creative thoughts into end products of design, form, function and beauty and sometimes humor. To make a purchase, place a custom order, or inquire about design service, please contact Jimmy at:

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