Jennifer Henderson


Jennifer Henderson is a professional flutist and a teacher dedicated to helping students achieve their highest potential through music. She has taught flutists of all ages and all levels of advancement (beginner through professional) for more than thirty years. A native of Missouri, Jennifer completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in the St. Louis area. She has lived on both coasts of the U.S., in Jamaica and in Japan, freelancing and teaching flute in St. Louis, Miami, the Smoky Mountains near Asheville NC and the San Francisco Bay Area, where she resided for the past twelve years. Jennifer is a passionate musician whose love of music inspires students and creates enthusiasm for learning. As a chamber music coach and a teacher for advanced players, Jennifer brings music to life with colorful explanations (“this part sounds like a chick peeping,” or “this part bursts on the scene like uncontrolled laughter”). She is adept at playing incorrectly to clearly illustrate contrasts between good and poor style, strong and ineffective use of tone, and other aspects of playing.
From a lifelong, special understanding of beginning players, Jennifer has developed a highly successful approach for helping very young beginners (aged two and three) and their parents in the early stages of learning to play the flute and the recorder. She is an expert teacher for beginners of all ages, having been coached for the past thirty years by Mr. Toshio Takahashi, who, with Marcel Moyse, developed the Suzuki Flute Method by which children as young as three can learn to play. This method is the most effective method ever devised for beginners, regardless of age.
Jennifer received a bachelor’s degree in music from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri and a master’s degree in music from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She trained as a Suzuki instructor with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (founder of the Suzuki Method of Music) and Mr. Toshio Takahashi (founder, with Marcel Moyse, of the Suzuki Flute School) while living in Japan. Since 1984, Jennifer has established flute programs for young players in Missouri, North Carolina and California. Keenly aware of music’s influence on the development of mind and soul, Jennifer very carefully nurtures her students’ individuality and creativity. She strongly encourages creativity in playing: many of her students play their own compositions in group recitals. Jennifer plays solo, chamber and orchestral music. She is a devotee of new music and improv, and she plays in a variety of styles. A brief stint in Jamaica as a teacher/consultant afforded her the opportunity to work with Jamaican folk artists. Jamaican folk music is frequently featured in her solo playing. Currently, Jennifer is playing in the St. Louis area with gladspirit, a trio of two flutes and cello frequently augmented with guitar and other instruments to become gladspirit and friends.

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