Jenn Asia Cocktail

Jenn Asia is an American-Asian internationally trained pianist from South Korea recognized for her classical arrangements of Billboard Top 40 covers. Her repertoire is built on creating the perfect ambiance through providing sound atmospherics. Drawing from the nostalgic music of American Radio, she transformed her repertoire from Bach and Chopin to Adele and Maroon 5. With a 4-hour memorized set of popular music, she is able to feel out a room and choose pieces that best suit the environment and the specific occasion of the event. With a current Social Media following of over 10K, Jenn is an influencer and an icon in the community. In her first year, she has established herself in both the St. Louis and Chicago markets. Her professionalism and dedication to her craft keep her competitive and innovative. Jenn is a perfect fit for hotels, restaurants, country clubs, private parties, cocktail hours, and wedding ceremonies. She currently holds a residency at the Missouri Athletic Club of Downtown St. Louis and with Hilton Hotels Worldwide, playing regularly at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL.

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