Jake Brookman


Jake started playing the cello when he was 9 years old and quickly realized that he had a passion for music. He played with the CASA Young People’s Orchestra and the Saint Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, serving as Principal Cello for both. While still in high school he won the young artist concerto competitions of the CASA Young People’s Orchestra, Alton Symphony Orchestra and the Brentwood Symphony Orchestra. Jake then went on to study performance at the Mannes College of Music in New York City with a scholarship.
In 1992 shortly after his return to St. Louis, he joined The Suede Chain (a rock band from Champaign, IL) which would be the first of many bands that Jake has played with throughout the years. He has performed with Union Avenue Opera Theater and as an extra musician with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. Jake loves to collaborate, record, perform and tour. He currently performs on a regular basis with the University City Symphony Orchestra, Salt of the Earth, Endora and records and performs with various other local and regional artists. His cello teachers have included Susan Hampton, Beverly Field, Yuan Tung, Aleksander Ciechanski, Stephen Balderston, Robert Silverman, Peter Wiley and Paul Tobias. Jake plays a factory produced Czechoslovakian cello from the 1920’s.

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