Christina Sittser

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Christina  SittserDressed as a pirate and singing, “Don’t Talk with Your Mouth Full,” Christina appeared in her first musical at 5 years old. Her first costume designs made their debut on paper dolls around the same time, featuring the powerful medium of slightly dry Crayola markers. Since then, she has performed in 28 musicals and plays and have designed hundreds of costumes for many different theatre companies.
It was her passion for reading books that originally got her started in theatre. She loves stories of all kinds, and in theatre, she gets to use her energy and imagination to bring beautiful stories to life and share them with as many people as possible.
In her spare time, you might find her painting, reading, watching old movies, singing really loud, or squealing in a vintage clothing store. Special skills include talking her head off for hours, tripping on cue, waking up ridiculously early in the morning, and consuming more frozen peaches than everyone else she knows combined.

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