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Cara Louise, born Cara Louise Wegener, is a singer songwriter from St. Louis, MO. Her backing band includes Adam Donald (guitar, steel), Simon Chervitz (bass), and Scotti Iman (drums). Louise’s sound combines soulful vibrato with creative melodies and honest lyricism. Major influences include 1960’s pop, early 2000’s indie-rock and Americana music. From an early age, Cara began singing and performing; from the living room to local talent shows and amateur musical theatre productions. Leonard Cohen, Carole King and Pink Floyd were among her first few musical influences. While finishing a creative writing degree at Webster University, she taught herself guitar as a means for songwriting and cut her teeth playing open mic nights around St. Louis city.
In July 2013, she formed Cara Louise Band and self-released To Be Dead Is To Be Known recorded at Sherpa Studios. The six-song EP, inspired by 1960s Nashville, includes a Patsy Cline-esque ballad, a political satire, and a progressive title track about artistry and death. After briefly touring the Midwest, Cara Louise Band released their debut LP, Fire’s Out, through Gaslight Records in 2016.
Fire’s Out is an eclectic mix of tracks highlighting the singer’s ability to bend genre. From Past My Prime, a song refuting societal pressure to Aimless Lee, a classic cowboy tale, this LP covers everything from folklore to hard-hitting existential anxieties. Louise spent 2018/2019 working with producer David Beeman at Native Sound in St. Louis, MO. The outcome is her debut EP as Cara Louise titled Fragile Heart. The 5-song collection separates Louise from her past work with Cara Louise Band as she navigates a 1960s yé-yé-inspired production by introducing synthesizers, drum triggers and ethereal vocal effects to her otherwise alt-country sound.

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