Britny Danielle Hill

Britny Danielle Hill	Britny Danielle Hill was born to Everlyn Hill-Randle in St. Louis, Missouri. Britny always had a passion for singing, modeling and acting came a little later. In 2009 She had her beautiful daughter, Danielle Marie Warren-Hill. After her birth Britny found herself feeling discouraged about her size and vocal ability. Being in a relationship where her looks, talents and intelligence were constantly played upon; Britny ended up talking herself out of her dreams that She had since She was younger.
In 2012, she found her passion once again but with more confidence than ever before. It’s amazing how being around and talking with just a few new fabulous people can truly bring out what was hiding for so Britny Danielle Hill	many years. She learned to embrace the uniqueness of her voice and love the curves that God blessed her with. There is just so much more to Britny than being a singer. She plans on using this opportunity as a platform for all the little girls as well young women out there that have been discouraged in their lifetime. Britny was there once and you too can follow your dreams and live it. In 2016 Britny gave birth to her handsome little prince Noah Josiah Hill and this ignited her passion even more.
A lot of people ask Britny: Who are your musical influences? How did you get started singing? What was your first step? Britny’s musical influences would be R&B Legend Whitney Houston as well as Gospel Icon Cece Winans. Definitely I would say that the number one step would be to “Get out of your own Way”. It is normal for you to be your own worst critic however there comes a time when you need to just let it go and trust in God. If you want it bad enough, the doors will open.

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