Andy Hahn

Andy HahnAndy Hahn is a contemporary abstract artist. Traditionally educated in fine art and graphic design, Hahn combines his skills in composition, color, proportion and texture to give his works a memorable, yet simple aesthetic. Hahn’s art is embodied in his distinct use of color, form, textures and layering techniques. He explores the relationship and emotional qualities that are expressed when combining these elements in a space. People have a natural attraction to Hahn’s art. While his art is a reflection on his personal experiences and the various influences on his life, his art has no obvious subject or figure. It speaks to people in their own personal way. It is unassuming and doesn’t force a point of view on the audience, but rather lets them engage with the art in their own way, and with their own lens and point of view. A wide set of collectors with varied personal style and taste are attracted to his art Hahn’s contemporary abstract art is collected internationally and exhibited in a variety of venues. Andy has always been a creative person, passionate about everything from art to graphic and interior design. Art is so important to him because it gives him a sense of freedom of expression that feels pure and uninhibited. He also finds it to be very therapeutic. He tries to express things that are personal to him and relatable to other people. He finds it to be pretty awesome when people connect with his art, love it and want it to be a part of their life. His art is an expression of his experiences, emotions, inspirations and stories he chooses to tell.
A big part of his art is texture, combining materials, color, composition and scale. Combining these elements, he produces acrylic abstract paintings and contemporary metal wall art. In his acrylic paintings, Andy uses texture and color to help express a mood or emotion. He applies texture first to the substrate, because he likes how the texture affects how the color looks and is applied later. He uses additive and subtractive techniques as he paints. He works in thin layers of paint, usually adding color from light to dark.
This way, he can use water drips, a rag, other objects, even his hands to distress or remove the current layer of paint, Andy Hahnrevealing what is below. He finds that this process results in a more unique and interesting piece of art, as it isn’t just what he adds to the art, but what he subtracts along the way that makes the final piece so visually interesting. His metal wall art stems from his affinity for steel. Andy is drawn to the clean, simple and industrial aspect of it. It is so strong, utilitarian, modern and beautiful … yet delicate. Basic environmental conditions can deteriorate it so easily.
Then that decay, in the form of rust, becomes this new life in a way. It transforms into a different yet equally beautiful thing, with colors including bright oranges and reds.
He combines metal with industrial rivets, paint, found objects and various materials to create art that is as unique as the materials used to make it.

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