Amanda Forbes


I am so glad you’re here. Authentic storytelling has always been a passion of mine. I have the honor of photographing the happiest people on the first day of their marriage! Creating a legacy for each couple to share with their future loved ones is such a blessing. It’s a pretty great feeling when you finally find the one thing you want to do for the rest of your life, and you wake up every day excited to do your job. That’s what I’ve found in wedding photography, and it’s wonderful!
While I’ll always call St. Louis, Missouri home, I love to travel and do so often. Traveling allows me to make my desire for adventure a reality, whether it’s the mountains of Colorado, the beaches of California, or experiencing the culture of the French Riviera. I’m inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes regardless of where I am!
When I’m not traveling or taking photographs, you can find me covered in clay in the pottery studio, wine (and dessert) tasting, daydreaming about home decor, and encouraging friends to have a dance party with me. I adore my family, and I love spending time making memories with my incredible husband Michael, and our adorable little boy, Ethan.

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