Alysha Fasia Khairul


Alysha Fasia Khairul – Fahmy Paimin Born and raised in St. Louis, Alysha (pronounced Uh-Lie-Shuh) is a singer, music writer, model, and entrepreneur of Malaysian/African-American descent. She grew up in a middle-class family in North County and the South Side of St. Louis. Where her mom, Teresia Simmons raised her as a single mother. Her mother is living with Lupus and battled it for many years. She started singing at the age of 9 years. Alysha’s very first performance was in 6th Grade when she played on piano and performed ‘”If I Ain’t Got You,” by Alicia Keys. As a multi-talented artist, Alysha has grazed the basics; been trained in piano, guitar, and violin. As a Pop and R & B artist, Alysha writes most of her own music. She has been a songwriter since she can remember but started recording at the age of 16. Her influences include Aaliyah, Brandy, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey among others. Alysha has performed the National Anthem at the Chaffetz Arena (Better Family Life Non-For-Profit Organization). Her talent has not gone unnoticed as she at one time became a semi-finalist contestant at St. Louis Teen Talent Competition FoxPACF. Alysha has also been a model since 2013, appearing on Fox 2 news, runway and print model. During her free time, she enjoys writing music, sewing and designing as well as spending time with family.
Her writing, she likes to describe as freestyle writing in the studio on the spot. “It’s more organic that way. My writing reflects exactly what I’m feeling at that time and how I reflect on my past experiences.” To further her career and expand the horizons, Alysha moved to New Orleans in 2014 where she has performed at local events, festivals and open mics. Now back home in St. Louis, MO Alysha is working on her debut EP which she hopes vibrates love and hope into people’s lives. She enrolled at Lindenwood University to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. Alysha once wanted to be a pharmacist but decided to get a degree in business. Because if her academic excellence while in elementary school, she was promoted which allowed her to graduate high school early.
At the age of 19, Alysha gave birth to her daughter, Anaia. Alysha named her daughter Anaia, which means “God answered in Hebrew.” A lot of her current inspiration comes from the challenges she faces as a young mom. Her goal is to put a lot of time into her career now so that Anaia will have a stable life.

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