Aida Ade

Aida Ade is a singer/songwriter primarily located in St. Louis, Missouri. Born January 29, 1994 in the Fairgrounds neighborhood of St. Louis, the 24-year-old artist was exposed to musicianship (musicians in her family) at a young age. This exposure led Aida to start writing music at the age of six years old. Aida spent most of her early years studying violin and viola, when she was classically trained and groomed for the symphony, having some appearances at Powell Symphony Hall and with the Alton Symphony.
Although Aida had and still possesses a passion for classical viola, upon graduation from Missouri State University in December of 2016, Aida decided pursue vocal music. In May of 2017, Aida performed for the first time at her very first EP release. With influences such as Gary Clark, Jr., Chaka Khan, The Stylistics, Big K.R.I.T., Lil Boosie, Fleetwood Mac (and many more), the music she creates comes from an eclectic collection of music interests and life experiences. She is currently living in St. Louis as an elementary school teacher while creating and performing music.

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