Lauren Corzine

Lauren Corzine Her wide open eyes dash and dart, bouncing around like a hummingbird with its quick, sporadic flight pattern; here a second, then somewhere else. You can’t see the actual flight, just the stopping points, which are many on the road to its final destination. She may be searching for the latest conspiracy theory, or she may be just curious about what’s going on around her. Those eyes finally take rest and regain their focus. ”I’m sorry! I have what I call the roaming eye” she said once she paused at me– in truth it would be hard to miss those captivating navy blue pods and the quick flurry. Before I can respond those eyes are off again, her sight taking in all that’s around her; vision taking in all that the future may bring. Those eyes are a glimmer into Lauren Corzine, the singer/songwriter and the person. She’s is a little bit country and a whole lot of Texan, and she’s on the verge of a breakthrough; in today’s trends, she’s rapidly moving upward. Today she sits in a Starbucks with me; it’s not often you’ll see her out and about unless it’s performing – or shopping. You might catch her working out at a nearby gym, even when she’s on the road – but that always comes after coffee. Right now, she’s sipping on a skinny caramel latte and it’s early in the morning but she has already read and cleaned around the house (after all, she’s a self-proclaimed millennial homebody; plus she doesn’t like leaving the house without getting all dressed up and, of course, with her red lipstick perfectly in place). She especially enjoys – even though she keeps it hush-hush (not any more) – modeling for photo shoots, which she’s done for her music and for clothing shops in and around her hometown. “Now, lets talk music!” she said. She tells me it’s the trips to Nashville and the endless days writing and recording that have convinced and strengthened the already powerful conviction that her life trip will be all about music. Along that road, just as in any pursuit of passion, there have been big decisions to make. “Those will never stop, and they’ll get bigger”, she says smiling, taking a sip of her latte. Lauren’s a born-and-raised Texas girl whose mantra is “go big or go home” because everything – even decisions – are bigger in Texas. There was a point along this continuing journey where Lauren spent time at the nearby University, trying to convince herself to pursue a communication degree. When the truth surfaced, this girl with her signature Tony Lama boots and wavy blonde hair was meant to drive a different road. She went home that night and talked to her parents about spending college money on an EP. It took a lot of convincing and it was a late night but they finally agreed. “I thank God everyday I have their support. I know it’s a big risk and I’ll be living at home longer than I expected.” Lauren laughs. In fall 2015, that “next big step” came and she started writing and recording with Roger Cook, who in 1997 became the only British songwriter to enter the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and is probably best known for writing the song “I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing.” Also a part of her first EP was Galen Crew. Galen is Lauren’s co-writer and producer out of Nashville.

Galen’s song “Sleepyhead” went viral on social media in China. According to his website, his music is “known for its dream-like quality which often features fairy tale themes and emanates from a different world.” A year later she released the EP entitled “Lost and Found.” Her full commitment allows her to do so much more with what she wants to do and where she wants to go. She started a band, she travels and performs more and has opened for acts such as Josh Turner, Lonestar, Gene Watson, Cory Morrow, Eric Martin (Mr. Big) and the Powell Brothers. She has also been a part of the statewide tour “Never Stop Dreaming,” which consisted of 20 shows in two weeks at schools across South Texas, performing for more than 12,000 during that span. Her exposure has been growing at a racy pace. She’s been on the Balloonapalooza Tour, which travels throughout Texas and brings 20,000 to the festival at each weekend stop. Her television debut came with a performance on Domingo Live and she’s been featured on radio stations like K-99 out of Corpus, KLZZ Internet Radio and 105.5 WPUD among others. “Picture,” her first single following her EP, is on Spotify, iTunes and spinning in Corpus Christi and on KLZZ. The song was also written/produced by Cook, Crew, and Corzine. Her normal days consists of, sending emails, working on social media, making phone calls and dealing with nosy journalists (hey!) – she’s still doing everything herself but her supporting crew, just like her popularity – aka demand/business/career – is rapidly growing. The later part of her day is in focused on songwriting, band practice and preparing – physically and mentally for the next gig, a more-than- regular occurrence these days. After that it’s back home. When she can, she’s about family and cooking. As nightfall comes, if she hasn’t had a gig that keeps her out til early morning, she’ll search for a good movie – preferably a Casey Affleck flick. Then it’s back to her computer where she’ll pin recipes and gig outfit ideas on Pinterest (because her fans want to know). Her eyes will not slow during sleep and her hunger will not be quenched when she wakes and another day unfolds. The journey – with all its stops that everyone can see, and with all that goes on behind the scenes of those stops, continues again this day. Like the hummingbird, it’s all about the final destination.

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